Marauders Of The Wasteland

by Slavedriver

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ProgHog231 thumbnail
ProgHog231 Filthy raw metal, which if we believe the Bandcamp page, was 'recorded in Jag's bedroom, 2013'. Short songs that could be described as grindcore, but overall paced a little slower. Favorite track: Of Marrow And Hate.
Christopher D
Christopher D thumbnail
Christopher D absolutely punishing. wafts of nasum, his hero is gone. these guys would be a fucking hoot live. Favorite track: Marauders.
Edward Woodhams
Edward Woodhams thumbnail
Edward Woodhams Yeah, this is pretty filthy. Thanks to Max Rotvel for putting all these kiwi bands in my feed - I had no idea. There must be something in the water over there. Favorite track: Marauders.
Sekator thumbnail
Sekator Raw, filthy blend of crust, powerviolence and grind. Nothing polished here. it 's all in-your-face rawness.

But the energy level is unrelenting and the guitar is heavy as hell, so it works quite well if you're into this form of ugliness.

The slower, sludgier riffs (like on Synaxis Of a Pariah) are particularly fantastic. Favorite track: Synaxis Of A Pariah.
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released March 20, 2014

All songs written and performed by Slavedriver.
Additional vocals on 'Synaxis of a Pariah' by Ben Read.
Recorded in Jag's bedroom, 2013.
Recorded by Jag Singh.
Mixed and mastered by Jag Singh.



all rights reserved


Slavedriver Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Omens
How much more must burn,
thrown onto the highest pyres.
Here they lie extinct;
We stand on the edge of descent.
A poisoned earth built on regrets.
Atomic children, an omen's birth.
Neither god, nor prophet can lift this curse.
We're cursed.
Come down the plagues.
Lay to waste.
Bring on the locusts
Track Name: Iron Jackals
Scoured these barren lands.
Stripped dead by vultures' hands.
Skies a darker grey,
and at their hands our minds decay.
Concrete Lockdown
We'll pick them clean to the bone,
reclaim this meagre throne.
Only then they'll come to know.
The iron jackals.
We are iron jackals.
Bastard iron jackals.
Track Name: Copperheads
Caustic lines, bind your freedom
Forces us down & nothing will be heard
Archaic progression, slander and deceit.
From forked tongued, blind nuns, that is all we've known.
I beat the question
Serpents coil,
with twisted words.
crushing our freedom.

Hate mongers, we've had enough.
Forsake the question.

Caustic, venomous
Don't need your lies, nor your charity
Caustic, venomous.

Don't need your lies, nor your charity.
Track Name: Marauders
Marauders of the wasteland,
ride forth and fade to black.
We're cursed riders of avarice
&scavengers of dead remains.

Smile fuckers,
it's a nuclear winter.

Dig the ditches, bury your wealth,
thieves & liars, arm yourselves.
Dig the ditches, bury your wealth,
await the day your death is dealt.

Track Name: Out Of The Vault
An empty husk of decadence,
Gilt by lust and vacant wants.
Deprived of all its senses,

tarnished by scars & devoid

With tooth and claw it tries to escape,
Too late.

Jaundiced you lope, desperate.
Loathing the many ills of modernity
On hands and knees you tire,
an embryonic hull of deformity
Vacant and numb

Pending amidst the corrosion of time.

No one to cradle your frail fading mind,
they only sow poison seeds.
You've finally conjured your morbid decline,
no more ace up your fucking sleeve.
Track Name: Of Marrow And Hate
Soothsayer, rogue to the gods.
The Grimoire purveyor of clout & lust
of burdened mind and calloused bone.
As above so is far below.

Sealed your fate into stone.

Stretching roots from bone to the mire,
twist and turn to the mouth of the chamber.
Fear the blight, those who enter
for hatred grows from wisdom's derangement.
Track Name: Synaxis Of A Pariah
Heavy convulsions seep & coarse through the mind,
executing horrors scorching paths intertwined
Transcendence lost as you stand on the precipice
casting a shadow that echoes in dissonance

Fill your lungs,
mortal apparatus
forget your bones,

We are the flayed
mordant vessels, shades of red
We are the flayed
hallowed instrument,
guide my hand

till the final decline
Stretched arms.
Eyes alight.